Computer Boy (computer_boy) wrote in lovingeekladies,
Computer Boy

Red Alert: Urgent assistance required!

Urgent help needed combatting spyware/virii that keep opening/redirecting fucking Microsoft I.E to and "ultimate defender" websites, along with pop-up boxes and replaced wallpaper that seems to be active as an Internet page picture.

ANY help is welcome! Be it known programs that can kill this to how to kill it manually in regedit!

Symantec and Ad aware have NO idea what it is, but it keeps multiplying at an annoying rate, OFTEN.

I swear, last time I let anyone on my PC ever again...

Hell, even a line for regedit to stop IE ever opening would be brilliant!
(Never use it anyway - this is WHY.)

(I know this isn't a helpdesk, but usually fellow computer geeks are more helpful/useful.)

UPDATE: All is calm again, resume Aqua Alert. (As in "All is well...")
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