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Loving Geeky Ladies!

The place for guys to talk about the best kind of ladies on the planet!

We love "Geeky", intelligent, and learned Girls!
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There is a userinfowelovegeeks community for "Girls who like geeks"...

They describe them selves thusly:

We think that geeky boys are delicious and sweet and that their love of computers and general intelligence is alluring. This community is a place for girls who like geeks or geeks themselves. Let it be a haven where said people can meet, mingle, share stories, and worship all that is geeky.

So what about a community where Guys can do roughly the same thing regarding geeky women: women who are intelligent, care about knowledge as more than something to keep a guy interested in them when the night gets slow, women with l33t skills (sorry, I couldn't resist), and women who really are beautiful in the fullest and most meaningful sense of the word as a result of being one or more of the above and more. Shouldn't there be a forum for guys to gawk at geeky women since one already exists for girls to gawk at geeky guys?

Well, there is one now! This is THAT forum!

Guys... come one, come all: talkabout your geeky, intelligent, learned girlfriends, lovers, and objects of admiration (ideal or real)!

Girls... come and watch us obsess over you like you didn't think guys did! ...Then talk to us about what we said....

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