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DS Emulators (as in *on* the NDS, not on the PC)

Hey everyone - long time since I've posted here, but it's with a question that's baffling me.

I know console/other emulators exist for the PC, but with the Nintendo DS (which I own), how exactly do you go about homebrew software emulators and the like? As far as I know you can get blank flash cards (or some equivalent) for Slot-1 (the DS game port), and sometimes a cart to expand space for Slot-2 (the GBA cart port).

I've looked at both SCUMMVM DS and other interesting emulators, and the only trouble seems to be an easier way to get them running.
(The instructions partly make sense. Guess I'm not as technical minded as I thought.)

As for legalities, anything I plan to run (for instance, SCUMM related games) I own, so this isn't piracy, more on the go ability that goes past DS and GBA games. 1994's Sam and Max rocks, being able to kill time on the bus with it'd be awesome.

If anyone could help break through the multiple devices these use, that'd be great. :)

EDIT: To add, I've seen the SCUMMVM site has instructions, but has anyone here tried installing it, or any other hardware for homebrew software? With so many different products to use for these things (as seen in the SCUMMVM instructions), which hardware/software tends to work best for the original DS?
(I'm using an original 2004 DS, as seen in my icon, so that'd be the one worked on, naturally.)
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