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Why geeks are more attentive

I've seen several of those "why geeks are better lovers/boyfriends/significant other" articles the last couple of days. StumbleUpon just handed me another. And there's something that keeps bothering me.

Due again to their neglected status, they’re more attentive than guys who “have more options”.

Wait. What? Something about that -- several things, actually -- doesn't ring true.

First, I don't feel neglected. I did when I was living in a rural area free of interesting people between the ages of 18 and 35. However, I don't feel neglected here, in a group of towns with several colleges, I didn't in high school, and I didn't when in college myself. I know some geeks don't do as well with women as others, but there's a spectrum, folks. Some of us can do pretty well in the right environment.

But that's not my most important point.

We're more attentive because that's what makes us geeks. Let's face it. I'm good with computers because I can pay attention to the myriad of details that must be taken care of for the programs ro be built correctly. Anyone who can memorize every Monty Python movie made clearly has an above average attention span. One guy I know routinely reinstalles Gentoo -- not a task for someone who isn't paying attention. Someone else I know can rattle off IMCP messages and MTUs for various routers (and, I should add, has a really fun girlfriend). He's got some attentiveness there. Gaming geeks who can keep the personalities and stats of a number of characters straight in their heads? Yeah.

Geeks are wired to absorb information and act on it. We might not always interpret it correctly. We might even discard the wrong information, and seem like we're ignoring you. And there will sometimes be an edge of desperateness to our attentiveness. But, let's face it. What guy isn't desperate from time to time?

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